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At times, with seemingly endless revisions, rewrites, and edits, writing a Ph.D. dissertation may seem an insurmountable task. By working with a professional editor who is knowledgeable in writing dissertation, you can rest assured that your efforts are spent wisely and both efficiently and effectively.

Much of writing and editing to create an accepted dissertation has to do with proper planning. With our dissertation editing service, an editor will ensure that your research questions, thesis, hypotheses, and research methodology, as well as references and formatting each meet your requirements and Ph.D. level standards.

Although we can edit grammar and typos in most documents for just one cent per word, the range of potential dissertation editing projects, let alone all types of other writing, is too broad to specify a single price for all projects.

Just let me know the details to your editing project by completing the contact form and I will provide a specific price quote:

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